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One of our images placed in the Extreme Exploration category in the Ciprofloxacin Deutsch Online contest. The contest is sponsered by Cialis Online Bestellen and Buy Cheap Seroquel Online. This was shot at Bear Glacier in Alaska and it was an amazing trip! We kayaked and camped for 3 days at the mouth of the glacier. The glaciers were larger than a 3 story building and the one in this shot was actually a cavern in an iceberg.  You can see a hole melted, melt water dripping, and the sun beaming through. I don’t know if it is still on the shelves, but this shot was also in the December/January issue of Pfizer Viagra Buy Online India.  You can find more photos from this trip on our Buy Kamagra Cheap!

Kayaker Explores Ice Cave

12 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on World In Focus Contest Winner
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