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PRESERVING HABITATS THAT ABSORB CARBON This goal measures the extent and condition of the natural coastal ecosystems – seagrasses, tidal marshes and mangroves – that store large amounts of carbon in their roots, stems and leaves and sequester it for decades or centuries in the sediment. When these habitats and sediments are preserved, air cannot […]

3 years, 1 month ago Comments Off on Ocean Health Index uses one of James underwater images.
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One of our Bear Lake shots is featured on National Geographic’s website. Pretty cool. Shout out to Chris Mautino and Liquid Adventures for a trip of a lifetime- everyone should experience this adventure.

10 years ago Comments Off on National Geographic- Turner Forte Photography
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Buy Ventolin Tablets

We hiked the Lakes Trail up to Pear Lake in Sequoia National Park on a whim one weekend.  I wouldn’t say its the kind of trail you hike on a whim- well, if you’re carrying loads of camera gear and your prepared for a short hike, not the trail I would pick!  To our surprise, […]

10 years, 6 months ago Comments Off on Backpacker Magazine- Turner Forte Photography
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James was recognized this year by the International Photography Awards (or Lucie Awards) for his underwater imagery. This is a very prestigious award and one of the top recognitions in the photo industry. Check out his images below!

12 years, 8 months ago Comments Off on International Photography Awards- Winner!
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Where Buy Accutane Online

I uploaded some photos of Vermilion Cliffs yesterday and found some really cool shots. We’re headed back right before Christmas this year to do the hike again. The Vermilion Cliffs are in Northern Arizona and it is about a 3 hour hike to get to the famous ‘Wave.’ They only let 20 people visit per […]

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Seroquel Buy Online

Look at all those images.. Our site is growing by the week and we are really excited to be able to offer a look at our library via the web. Turner Forte Stock Let us know your thoughts ? We look forward to hearing from you, your input will help shape the future of our […]

Is Prevacid Prescription Only


Welcome to our Blog. We hope to keep you updated with our current work and travels here. See you soon, James  

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