Summer heat is here!

Summer heat is here!

It was hot this weekend in Santa Barbara, so we went out on our boat. We were lucky enough to run into 2 separate pairs of gray whale mamas and their babies. It was so exciting! We were changing our gas tank and looked up, and there they were, heading strait for us! Here are a couple shots:

Gray Whale

Gray Whale

Gray Whale

This harbor seal was sun bathing in the kelp: Sea otter

There were also a ton of people out enjoying the beaches. Here are a couple shots of kayakers at Refugio State Beach. The water was crystal clear!



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  1. Sherri Meyer says:


    I found you guys on Photographer’s Direct (Newsletter) and decided to visit your blog.

    It looks like you enjoy and photograph a lot of the same outdoor activities my husband and I do.

    I have never tried scuba diving, but my husband used to belong to a dive club when he lived in Bakersfield back in the 70’s. They had a boat out of Ventura and used to dive at Ana Capa and Santa Rosa Islands.

    Stop by my blog and say hi when you get a chance.


    Auburn, California

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