Turner Forte Photography- Hoerzu Wissen

Turner Forte Photography- Hoerzu Wissen

James’ shot of this lovable clownfish and anemone was published recently in a German magazine called Hoerzu Wissen.  Most people think of Nemo when they see it.  Here’s what James said about the photo:

“The clownfish photo was taken in the Solomon Islands on a reef named Velvia Reef.  The photo was taken at night while clownfish are calmer.  I marked the area during the day with a buoy so I could come back at night and take pictures when the animals are more relaxed.  Clownfish during the day tend to dart all over and hide from you.  At night they sleep or relax in the safety of the anemone.  The anemone info is:  magnificent sea anemone,  Heteractis magnifica.  These anemones are poisonous top fish, but not man.  Hence they offer protection to the clownfish from predators.”

Clown fish in Anemone

Clownfish in Anemone

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