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Happy 4th of July!

We are heading to Texas for our annual 4th of July family reunion.  It is a true Americana celebration with homemade ice cream, fried catfish & hush puppies, and fireworks for days.  Oh yeah, and did I mention the heat?!!! 🙂 W Texas

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Sleep really can be beautiful…

One of the most treasured parts of vacation is sleep and relaxation.  This summer, we send warm wishes and safe travels for everyone out there traveling.  We hope your vacations are restful and beautiful.  This photo really captured that feeling for us… sleep

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Jade Mountain

We stayed at a mind blowing resort called Jade Mountain in St. Lucia.  Each sanctuary, or room, has its own infinity pool and a view of the iconic pitons.  This is one of my favorite shots of the star trails reflecting in the pool at night. jade mountain

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St. Lucia

We were in St. Lucia recently and loved it.  It is a beautiful mountainous islands with lots to see and do.  Here are a few shots… st. lucia

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Georgia Aquarium

We were able to photograph the Georgia Aquarium on a recent trip.  It’s a great experience if you are ever in Atlanta!  They have a great range of exhibits and highlights include whale sharks and beluga whales. Georgia Aquarium

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Whales, and more whales!

The humpbacks have made it up from Baja to our backyard in the Santa Barbara Channel.  We’ve had some amazing sightings.  Check out this one that burst out of the water in front of us!  Amazing! breech!

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Job for WWF in Mexico

Here are a few shots of Humpbacks down in Baja. Amazing their size when you can see the person to compare! humpbacks!

Summer heat is here!

It was hot this weekend in Santa Barbara, so we went out on our boat. We were lucky enough to run into 2 separate pairs of gray whale mamas and their babies. It was so exciting! We were changing our gas tank and looked up, and there they were, heading strait for us! Here are […]

Wildflower Season

It’s wildflower season and we’ve been out exploring. Here are a couple recent shots from Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. Check back soon for shots from the Channel Islands National Park! poppies!

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Botanica gallery

One of our stock agencies, jupiter images, is featuring one of our Route 66 photos in the Botanica gallery.  It’s a fun slide show if you want to check it out!  After going to the site, click on the blue box that says watch gallery…enjoy! Route 66

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